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MinusCan BLHI provide dry-in construction?

Yes, approximately 95% of our customers choose to have BLHI construct their home through the dry-in stage.

Dry-In Construction labor includes: Starting on the top of your foundation (homeowner responsibility) with the subfloor, then the log walls, etc and goes right up to the finish felt (just before the shingles). This construction process gives you a complete exterior except for stain, shingles/steel roof, railing and deck steps. It also includes the 2/4 interior partitions that divide the bedrooms, baths, etc. Each home is priced differently pending the size of the home, architectural features and amount of outdoor living space. Pictured below is an example of a home that is completed through the dry-in stage.



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Although our design was from another company, Barna drew blue prints from a picture and delivered our building package. The crew worked well together with the utmost care to find workmanship. We already enjoy the comfort and coziness of our Barna Log Home.

- Dave and Bonnie Matthews View All testimonials