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MinusHow much will my home really cost me?

Major factors: (A) Design/Architectural features of your home plan (B) Your building site–length of driveway, size of septic field, depth of well (C) Interior Finishes–flooring, counter tops, size of fireplace, etc. (D) Are you going to have your log home constructed to a dry-in or turnkey state?

Based on these factors, you can see there are many variables that can affect the total pricing of your home. With respect to square footage cost, the average home (based on recent years) can be $200 and higher per square foot for a turnkey home. However, we have seen some homes based on design features run up to $300 per square foot for turnkey. Each customer and each home is unique so using averages won’t always give you a definite cost. Let us provide you with a rough estimate of either dry-in or turnkey construction.

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Although our design was from another company, Barna drew blue prints from a picture and delivered our building package. The crew worked well together with the utmost care to find workmanship. We already enjoy the comfort and coziness of our Barna Log Home.

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