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MinusWhat kind of maintenance will my log home require?

The two major areas of concern will be Staining and Caulking. Your log home will require some sort of stain or sealant between 6 months and 1 year after construction. You will not want to cut corners when choosing your sealant. There are a few major brands that perform well. If you use a low quality product, you will probably be re-staining your house every summer. If you use a high-quality product, you can up to 4 years of coverage (this usually depends on how much exposure to the sun, wind, and rain the home gets).

Caulking is another maintenance item. If any small cracks or gaps open up on the exterior of the home, it is imperative that these be filled. Prolonged exposure to rain and ice will cause these openings to decay. The majority of the cracks and gaps will occur within the first 1-2 years, and it is recommended that the home be caulked at this time.

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Although our design was from another company, Barna drew blue prints from a picture and delivered our building package. The crew worked well together with the utmost care to find workmanship. We already enjoy the comfort and coziness of our Barna Log Home.

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