Barna Log Homes

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The Ladybug /1,088 sq.ft.

The Lakota /2,041 sq.ft.

Largemouth /3,203 sq.ft.


Meadowbrook /1,792 sq.ft.

The Oconee /2,252 sq.ft.

The Ruban /2,660 sq.ft.


The Rainbow /1,488 sq.ft.

The Raspberry /1,249 sq.ft.

Sharp Mountain /2,157 sq.ft.


Sweet Waiter /1,323 sq.ft.

The Wolf Spur /2,148 sq.ft.

Sugar Creek /1,670 sq.ft.


Although our design was from another company, Barna drew blue prints from a picture and delivered our building package. The crew worked well together with the utmost care to find workmanship. We already enjoy the comfort and coziness of our Barna Log Home.

- Dave and Bonnie Matthews View All testimonials